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Bloomsburg Veterinary Hospital is committed to helping you provide the healthiest, happiest, and longest life possible for your beloved pet. Every pet is different, and should received care that’s tailored to their individual lifestyle, age, and breed. Our veterinarians and staff at Bloomsburg Veterinary Hospital are here to provide the proper care for your pet according to their individual needs. Dogs and cats go through similar life stages as humans. Just as you would not expect the same type of care for a baby, adolescent or adult, you should not expect the same kind of care throughout your pet’s life stages. However, the quality of care received is the same as any service provided by Bloomsburg Veterinary Hospital; delivering the standard in comprehensive and compassionate veterinary care time and time again.

Located in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, our veterinary hospital is proud to provide wellness care to pets from both our local community and beyond! Pet owners from Lightstreet, Buckhorn, Orangeville and North Centre come to see us when they’re looking to receive outstanding veterinary care for their beloved pet!

Pets age much faster than humans, therefore it is recommended for your pet to receive frequent wellness examinations to monitor any changes in their health. It is advised that all pets receive their wellness exams annually to observe any health changes and to also maintain a regular veterinarian/client relationship.

At each and every wellness visit, our highly-trained veterinarians will examine all of your pet’s body systems including their heart, lungs, muscle, joints, lymph nodes, ears, eyes, and teeth. Our animal hospital will also evaluate his or her weight, as well palpate at the abdomen, examine skin and coat condition, and check for tumors.

It is also recommended, and sometimes required, to check various laboratory tests on a regular basis. Fecal examinations, heartworm blood-screening, and other organ function tests are typically advised. Prevention truly is the best medicine. Most diseases are easier and typically less expensive to treat when detected in their early stages.

You can count on receiving compassionate, comprehensive care from our veterinary hospital, delivering both peace of mind to you and optimal health to your pet.


Your pet can be protected from most major diseases thanks to the ever-growing discoveries in veterinary medicine. Appropriate immunizations and preventative treatment are recommended by our veterinarians based on your pet’s life style and needs. Vaccinations not only protect your pet, but also you and your family from zoonotic diseases, which are transferable from pets to humans. Below are some of the vaccines we at Bloomsburg Veterinary Hospital recommend:

  • Rabies — dogs and cats are required to receive this vaccination by Pennsylvania State law
  • DAP (Distemper, Adenovirus, Parvovirus) — a core vaccine for most dogs
  • RCP (Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, Panleukopenia) — a core vaccine for most cats
  • Leptospirosis — canine vaccine, recommended if your pet is at risk
  • Bordetella — canine vaccine, recommended if your pet is at risk
  • Lyme — canine vaccine, recommended if your pet is at risk
  • Feline Leukemia — feline vaccine, recommended if your pet is at risk

Puppy & Kitten Care

Congratulations on your new little one and thank you for choosing Bloomsburg Veterinary Hospital to help you care for and protect your latest addition to the family! Our veterinarians will perform a full wellness examination, as well discuss vital information about your new pet. Such information includes proper nutritional needs, safety strategies, vaccination schedules, parasite control, behavioral counseling and much more.

We suggest getting your new puppy or kitten scheduled for their first exam as soon as possible. He or she is susceptible to many serious diseases, however most of them are preventable. We will test your puppy or kitten for intestinal parasites and de-worm when necessary. It is vital to practice effective parasite control as a healthy pet also means a healthy family.

Your first examination will typically take longer than subsequent exams as we want to ensure your new puppy or kitten is on the path to a long happy and healthy life. Rest assured, your puppy or kitten will receive truly outstanding care from our animal hospital!

Preventative Care

Proper preventative care is a very important part of protecting your pet against the many threats he or she faces every day. Among them are fleas, ticks, heartworms, and other internal and external parasites. Some of these parasites can present potentially fatal conditions when untreated. Our dedicated veterinarians and staff at Bloomsburg Veterinary Hospital are here to help you in deciding on the proper preventative measures to be taken in protecting your pet and your family.

Don’t hesitate, call our animal clinic today to discuss the right course of action for your pet’s parasite prevention needs

What if there were a way to use Google to help you find your lost pet? Save This Life has patented a system to do exactly that!

Save This Life’s innovative technology has revolutionized the pet recovery process. The leaders of Save This Life are former rescuers who have developed a superior method of helping lost pets find their way home safely. They’ve created Save This Life as a response to their frustration and disappointment in traditional microchip companies’ pet recovery systems.

The standard pet recovery systems require the microchip number to be read by a scanner or from an animal identification tag and then called in to one of many microchip databases. A participating company’s operator then attempts to connect the pet finder and pet owner by telephone. Obvious problems that arise here are illegible tags, the inability to connect the finder and owner by telephone, the exhausting search through multiple companies’ registries to find the correct registry, the inability to find the pet owner in the database because the annual fee is not paid or contact information is not current, among others.

Save This Life has invented a way to utilize Google to eliminate all of these issues.

Each Save This Life microchip number is searchable in Google. When someone finds a pet and Googles the microchip number, they are able to privately contact the pet owner with a text message and an email. The pet owner receives a GPS map of where the person who found their pet is actually located.

Each Save This Life microchip comes with an aluminum, machine stamped ID tag which reads Google this number (microchip number ex 90016400041142) to find my family, as opposed to a plastic, ink stamped tag or a tag with no microchip number on it, like their competitors.

The microchips themselves are 134.2 kHz ISO compliant and readable by all universal scanners. Each microchip is embedded in a bio-thermal glass encapsulation and coated with Parylene C, which prevents migration, then loaded into a 2-finger non-slip grip applicator, which allows for easier implantation. The syringe needle is laser-beveled for maximum sharpness, minimizing discomfort for the pet.

There are no registration fees, no annual fees and no fees to update information or transfer pet owners. Save This Life also sends out free Lost Pet Alerts to the shelters and rescues within a 25-mile radius of where a lost pet was last seen and a Lost Pet Alert Poster to the pet owner.

In addition, $1,000 of Lost Pet Heath Insurance is included with each microchip. Each pet receives coverage for up to $1,000 in emergency care for accidents that may occur while he or she is lost for one year after activation.

Register Save This Life Microchip