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General Anesthesia

For some surgical procedures we will need to administer general anesthesia to your pet for the purpose of him or her being unconscious and to remove pain throughout the procedure. It is completely normal to be anxious or worried about your pet undergoing anesthesia. However, rest assured your loved one is in the best care here at Bloom Vet. Modern day anesthesia practices are generally very safe. More so, to reduce risks we perform a physical exam and check blood work prior to their procedure to screen for any underlying health issues that may increase the risk level of being induced. We monitor all vital signs before, during, and after the procedure to better ensure the safety of your loved one. And here at Bloomsburg Veterinary Hospital we follow a specific and consistent anesthetic protocol which better secures the safety of your pet.

Patient Monitoring

We take each and every patient’s safety very seriously by using medically advanced monitoring equipment throughout the entire procedure. A veterinary technician and veterinarian performing the procedure will monitor the following in your pet:

• Respirations
• Oxygen level
• Heart rate
• Blood pressure
• Temperature

Pain Management

Your pet feels pain and discomfort just the same as any of us. In the world of veterinary medicine, being able to recognize and alleviate pain is the essence of great patient care. That’s why our team of veterinarians here at Bloomsburg Veterinary Hospital uses an advanced pain management protocol to keep your loved one both pain-free and comfortable during and after his or her procedure. Using a combination of both local anesthesia and systemic medications we ensure that your pet is as comfortable as possible every step of the way.


Regardless of whether your pet is having a routine or complicated surgical procedure, you can count on them being treated with the most exceptional care at Bloom Vet. Our veterinarians have decades of experience performing a vast range of surgical procedures including:

• Neuter and spay surgeries
• Soft-tissue surgeries
• Mass/tumor removal
• Orthopedic surgeries
• Feline declaw surgeries (front feet only)
• Urinary/bladder surgeries (including stone removal)
• Caesarean births

We at Bloomsburg Veterinary Hospital understand how stressful it can be for you and your pet to endure a surgical procedure which is why our team of pet care advocates and technicians strive to make the experience as relaxed as possible for both of you. Every pet requiring surgery will receive a pre-surgical physical exam and optional blood screening prior to beginning the procedure, as well as receive pain medication. In addition to the comprehensive surgical monitoring, our surgery tables are heated to maintain your pet’s body temperature. Once surgery is complete he or she will be moved to a soft, comfortable bed to recover upon while receiving post-operative care. A veterinary technician and our kennel attendant will closely monitor your pet throughout the remainder of his or her stay until ready to be released back into your care.