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Is your puppy chewing everything up and biting everybody? Does your puppy jump on everyone that he meets? Are you having house training problems? Does your puppy cry when you leave him alone? Do you have puppy – raising questions you’d like addressed by a professional? The clock is ticking. From birth to approximately 12 weeks of age, your puppy’s brain is a veritable sponge, soaking up the life lessons and habits ( good or bad ) that will form the foundation for his personality and long – term habits. Our Puppy Kindergarten program focuses on the urgent life skills a puppy needs to know in order to become a reliable, safe life time companion. The program is designed to coincide with your pup’s natural development deadlines to address common, yet often unwanted behaviors.

We will be learning how to teach puppy to:
– focus on you “watch me”
– be gentle with humans and animals
– accept veterinary and husbandry protocols with confidence
– frustration tolerance, how to be a cool customer
– “sit” for polite greetings
– “down” wherever he is
– boundary training “wait” pausing at doorways and waiting for a release
– And much more.

Enrollment is granted for puppies 8 to 16 weeks of age. ( If your puppy is older than this please enroll in our Canine Obedience Class)

Cost : 120.00 for 4 week course ( 1 hour long classes plus access to trainer for additional questions/ concerns)

Canine Obedience Class ( for dogs and puppies over 16 weeks of age)

An excellent basic obedience course for dogs that have never taken a class before or for dogs needing to brush up on forgotten obedience skills.

Initial exercises teach better focus, calming techniques, settling – down and being able to regain attention in order to teach basic manners like sit, down, stand, wait, front, loose-leash walking, and polite greetings.

Enrollment is for dogs and pups over 16 weeks of age – must be up to date with vaccines and have a current dog license.

There will be local “field trips” included with this class.
Cost is 150.00 for a 5 week course.

Classes forming for both classes on an ongoing basis. Please contact Bloomsburg Vetrinary Hospital at 570-784-6440 or contact Jan by email janp@bloomvet.com

Understanding Puppy Behavior

Jan Posey PCA


Professional Dog Trainer

Jan, her husband Scott, and son Ty all share the same passion for dogs. She fills her time by studying canine behavior and shares her knowledge with the clientele of BVH. Jan has been working for BVH since 2005 and also has her own small business, “Refined Canine Training,” specializing in canine behavior modification, agility and obedience training, and puppy kindergarten. Jan enjoys helping create balanced relationships between dogs and their people. Jan and her family share their home with 5 dogs, 2 horses and 2 cats (that tolerate their dog oriented family).