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To better assess your pet’s condition he or she may require diagnostic services. Having the ability to perform many diagnostic procedures in-house allows us to present you with immediate answers and begin treatment for your pet sooner. Below you will find detailed descriptions of the diagnostic services we offer, please don’t hesitate to call us today to discuss your pet’s medical needs.


To best accommodate the diagnostic needs of your loved one, Bloomsburg Veterinary Hospital has both in-house and outside laboratory options available. When it comes to diagnosing a pet’s condition, laboratory testing is a vital component which is why we allow ourselves several options. We have the capability of running complete blood counts (CBC), blood chemistry profiles, and electrolyte measurements. More so, we have the ability of having results within just a few minutes. Our laboratory can perform skin scrapings, as well run urinalyses and dermatophyte cultures. We also have the capabilities to test for Lyme disease, internal parasites, heartworm, feline leukemia, FIV, giardia, and ehrlichia.

Bloom Vet’s specially trained veterinary technicians who staff our laboratory will interpret your pet’s results accurately and quickly. In some cases, we will send your pet’s labwork to an outside laboratory if he or she needs specialized testing, or when urgency is not of concern. To achieve the most accurate diagnosis we believe that certain tests should only be conducted by laboratories that possess specialized equipment and skills in specific areas of expertise.

Digital Radiography

Radiography is one of the most important and powerful tools in the diagnostic world of veterinary medicine. Bloomsburg Veterinary Hospital is proud to offer the next-generation of diagnostic radiography through digital radiography. The ability to produce more accurate, high-quality images with faster results and better diagnoses are just some of the benefits of this state-of-the-art technology. The more detailed, high-quality x-rays present a faster diagnosis and less-stressful experience for your pet. The radiographs are very useful in distinguishing the precise location of fractures, detecting signs of heart disease, determining the location and size of tumors, and much more.

After your pet’ s digital radiographic examination has been conducted your veterinarian will review the results with you using powerful software designed to better illustrate your pet’ s condition, all within a matter of minutes. Also, since the images are saved on a computer, they can be transferred quickly via email to a referral specialist when necessary with more difficult cases, presenting an even more accurate diagnosis. More so, Bloomsburg Veterinary Hospital is an active participant with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, a non-profit organization that evaluates radiographs for hip dysplasia and other genetic diseases.


Used mainly in cases of cardiac or abdominal conditions, ultrasound supplies your veterinarian with a real-time, moving picture of your pet’s internal organs. We are also granted the ability to execute biopsies that would otherwise involve surgery. It is also useful to determine pregnancy, aid in performing a cystocentsis, and aspirating fluid from within the body cavity. Ultrasound exams are generally stress-free and noninvasive for your pet and are often able to be performed without the need to use anesthesia. Once an ultrasound exam has been performed your veterinarian will review the results with you. We value providing you with the best service possible and will often consult with a specialist to ensure the best diagnosis possible.


Early detection of increased intraocular pressure is crucial for a positive diagnosis of glaucoma. Bloom Vet has the ability to test your pet’s eyes for excessive pressure safely and easily. We use a device known as a tonometer. The procedure does not require sedation and is not painful. If your dog or cat has suffered from an eye injury, it is highly recommended that you have this test performed immediately. In some cases where glaucoma is not treated right away it can lead to permanent vision loss or blindness. In fact, some breeds are prone to development more than others. Contact us today to discuss whether your pet is at risk for glaucoma.