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At Bloomsburg Veterinary Hospital, we are dedicated to helping you keep your pet’s dental hygiene optimal by promoting routine dental care! Keeping up with your dog or cat’s dental care does a lot more than just promote fresh breath. That’s why we are your number one source for extensive dental care for your beloved pet, ensuring both a bright smile and optimal overall health!

Why is pet dental health so important?

Did you know that poor dental hygiene alone can be a lead factor of serious illness in both dogs and cats? If left untreated, dental problems can be the root cause of many larger systemic problems which can impact overall health and well-being. This occurs when oral bacteria enters the blood stream, often damaging the heart, liver, and kidneys. Luckily, you can avoid these hazardous health concerns by bringing your loved one to us for regular dental checkups and teeth cleanings when necessary. Pets can develop dental disease just like you. Our animal clinic has compiled the most common symptoms of dental disease in pets below:

• Bad breath – This is typically the first sign of dental disease
• Red and/or swollen gums
• A yellowish-brown crust of plaque on the teeth along the gum line
• Difficulty eating or decreased appetite
• Head shyness, mouth sensitivity when touched
• Missing or loose teeth

What happens during a dental cleaning?

Dentistry for people is quite different than pet dentistry. Caring for our dental hygiene is part of our daily routine, and therefore your typical dental checkup and cleaning will be a relatively brief appointment and does not usually involve anesthesia. Veterinary dentistry on the other hand tends to be more involved, time-consuming, and complex. Veterinary dentistry often requires general anesthesia, a day of hospitalization, and the skills of the veterinarian, veterinary technicians, and kennel attendants. These are just a few of the differences in this type of dentistry.

At Bloomsburg Veterinary Hospital, we begin with a physical examination to evaluate your pet’s general health prior to undergoing anesthesia. Then, we will often check pre-anesthetic bloodwork to ensure that your pet is healthy on both the outside and inside. Next, we will give him or her a sedative followed by general anesthesia for a painless and safe sleep during the dental procedure. Once your pet is under and prepped, the cleaning begins. First, a certified veterinary technician will remove all the surface tartar using a hand scaler. Then, we clean above the gum line using an ultrasonic cleaner while a curette is used to smooth and clean the teeth in the crevice of the gum line. Finally, your pet’s teeth are professionally polished and rinsed with an anti-bacterial solution used to aid in the delaying of new tartar accumulation. We hope that this overview helps to shed light on some of the more comprehensive elements involved in veterinary dentistry!

Digital Dental Radiography

A physical examination of your pet’s mouth does not always reveal every source of pain, consequently we almost always perform full mouth digital dental radiographs during each routine dental cleaning. Potential pain and underlying disease can be detected early using radiographs, which provides a sheer advantage over the naked eye.

Extractions and Dental Surgery

At Bloomsburg Veterinary Hospital, our veterinarians are capable of performing a wide variety of dental procedures and dental surgeries. Sometimes, in more extreme cases of periodontal disease, tooth extractions or oral surgery is required in the best interest of your pet.

Dental Disease Prevention

A visit to your veterinarian is just the beginning when it comes to ensuring optimal dental care. After a dental cleaning, it is particularly important to continue good dental habits for your pet while at home and during your daily routine! Brushing daily, or at least several times a week is strongly recommended and proven to be the leading way to prevent dental disease. At Bloomsburg Veterinary Hospital, we take dental health seriously.

Contact our animal clinic today and let us achieve optimal dental health for your beloved pet!