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Emergency Services

Please call us at once if your pet is experiencing an emergency at 570-784-6440. Emergencies are our first priority over routine appointments during hospital hours. Extended hospital care is available overnight and on weekends. We do not staff the hospital 24/7, however a doctor and technician will perform progress exams and administer treatments on days the hospital is closed. All after-hour emergencies are to be referred to either the Northeast Referral & Emergency Veterinary Hospital (Plains, PA) at 570-208-8877, or Animal Emergency Center (Watsontown, PA) at 570-742-7400.


Health Certificates

Whether traveling interstate or international you may need to obtain a health certificate to accommodate your pet on your journey. Bloomsburg Veterinary Hospital is authorized to issue both types of health certificates. The certificates are only valid for a limited time, and specific forms are required for whatever your destination may be. We strongly suggest contacting the airline you are traveling with well in advance to assure you have time to compile any necessary paperwork. If you need a health certificate don’t delay, please contact us immediately so we can help you with you and your pet’s travels.

Click Here for the USDA International pet travel regulations
Click Here for the USDA Interstate pet travel regulations

Nutritional Counseling


A well balanced diet is vital to a healthy lifestyle for both people and pets alike. Understanding the importance of your pet and their nutrition begins with your first appointment with BloomVet. We’re here to answer your questions regarding choosing a brand, feeding amounts and feeding frequency. Our veterinarians and staff can also counsel you if you are experiencing a particular issue with your pet, may it be an overweight concern or any special dietary
requirements for that matter. Your pet has so much to benefit from a proper diet including increased energy levels, longer life expectancy, and an all around healthier lifestyle. Ask Bloomsburg Veterinary Hospital today about your nutritional counseling needs.